Dear Me, Thanks for not making more debt. Love, Me

Here are a few good financial choices worth celebrating.

Millions of people make bad financial decisions every day, without even realising it. Small splurges, like a takeaway coffee every morning, can add up to significant amounts — money which could be put to better use (like paying your debt). Being mindful about your financial decisions will go a long way towards freeing you from the debt trap.

When it comes to good money habits, even the smallest choices can add up to big results. Here are a few good financial choices worth celebrating.

Give your Master Card a break and channel your inner Master Chef.

It’s easy at the end of a long day to order in. But if you channel your inner Master Chef before you binge the whole series in one go, you will have more cash towards the end of the month to treat you to the real deal.

Make a meal of it.

Taking a homemade lunch to the office can help you dodge unwanted calories and power you through your afternoon. Plus, adopting this super-healthy habit is good for your wallet too! Skipping the cafeteria, corner coffee shop or artisanal deli will save you loads of money in the long term.

How to make it work for you:

At the beginning of each week, buy a few ingredients and whip up some basics. Then you’re ready to throw together delicious lunches on weekday mornings in just a few minutes. Yum.

Fresh is best

Convenience comes at a price. In a study by Priceonomics (Forbes Magazine, July 2018), findings revealed that it is almost FIVE TIMES more expensive to eat a ready-made meal than it is to cook it from scratch. That’s five reasons to escape the convenience-meal trap, chop-chop. The same can be said about buying pre-packed and chopped veggies — handpicking your own works out much cheaper, and lasts much longer.

If you still crave that finger-licking flavours, how about trying your hand at fakeaways? Replacing takeaways with “fakeaways” by recreating your favourite fast food recipes at home will give you your fast food fix on a budget.

Upgrade your savings, not your phone.

Why replace a phone that is still in perfectly good working order? Don’t be pressured to upgrade any contracts you have, just because you want the latest model.

Bag it yourself

We all know about the three Rs… Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. But now there’s a new kid on the block: Refuse! If you save 60c on every shopping bag you refuse to buy, how much money will you save in one month? It may seem like nothing, but over 2 billion plastic shopping bags were sold in South Africa last year — that’s R241.3 million.

Choose to refuse by using your own shopping bags and save money AND do your part for the environment.

Taking the first step is difficult. We don’t always see the benefits of paying our debt right away, but it is important to think about the future.

Sign up for our debt counselling services today and let’s write this Thank You card together.