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Debt Counselling (or Debt Review) is a debt solution helping South African consumers who are over-indebted and struggling to manage their finances. Debt Review is the process to assess a client's outstanding debt and implement a restructured debt repayment plan under the protection of the National Credit Act. Octogen’s 7-step Debt Counselling programme will help you pay off all your debt with what you can afford over a fixed period of time. Our team of experts negotiate the lowest interest rates on your behalf, allowing you not only to pay back your outstanding debt, but save money while doing so.

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Debt Counselling

Start your debt repayment plan today. Debt Review will allow you to structure your budget and enable you to repay your debt under the protection of the National Credit Act (NCA).

Apply for Debt Review with the largest Debt Review company.

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Other Services We Offer

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Financial Wellbeing

We will assist you to find a solution that will improve your financial wellbeing in years to come. Be smart, ask a question and get your financial score and how to improve it.

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Budget Repair Service

Our qualified Financial Coaches can help you to analyse your budget and spending patterns and suggest spending behaviour changes to improve your Cash Flow and Credit Score.

Debt Mediation (ADR) Service image

Debt Mediation (ADR) Service

We can help you to save your house or vehicle, resolve a credit dispute with any of your creditors, check for Reckless Credit, Prescription and Overcharging or when you are in arrears re-negotiate a payment plan.

So what's next?

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We’ve taken the guesswork out of Debt Counselling. Seven steps to financial freedom.

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Get your budget score and plan to improve. Improving your financial wellbeing might be a dream. Getting started will make it happen.